Vaporiety, which holds full rights to all patents to the technology, is in preliminary discussions with interested parties in Brazil, India and China and will open licensing talks shortly with American-based companies.

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“Although go cups allow portability without spilling, they are notorious for dampening the true flavors of coffee, tea and other aromatic beverages because they keep aromas within the cup,” says Vaporiety CEO Roger Morris, “Of course, aromas are essential to tasting.  Our TasteTop Lid™ technology allows the drinker to have it both ways – great flavors with no spilling.”

TasteTop Lids™ and related vapor membrane technology are the brainchild of David Pensak, entrepreneur, inventor and former senior researcher and technology officer for DuPont.  A co-founder of Vaporiety along with Morris and Chief Operating Officer John Fox, Pensak will serve as Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Vaporiety.

“The technology works equally well on permanent and disposable go cups,” Pensak says.  “It is safe with food, and the costs are very low, even for disposable items.  Of course, we are also exploring fresh food and other non-beverage applications.” Inquiries should be e-mailed to David Pensak at

Vaporiety Announces Technology

To Enhance Hot Beverage Flavors

Patented TasteTop Lids ™ Provide Flavor-Enhancing Aromas for Coffee Go Cups.

That cup of take-away coffee you just bought will taste a lot better in the future.

Vaporiety, a corporation based in Wilmington, DE, has announced new, patented technology that will make coffee and other hot beverages taste better by allowing flavor-enhancing aromas to penetrate any go-cup lid while preventing the beverage from spilling.

April 4, 2011