Vaporiety Company and TasteTop Lids®

Computer expert, scientist, entrepreneur and inventor David Pensak was introduced to fine coffees by his wife and has slept little since. But his wife and children frequently complained about how go-cups of all designs, while keeping coffee hot and preventing it from sloshing and spilling, mangle its taste.

Pensak conducted extensive research into coffee, into the science of aromas and tastes and into membrane technology and came to the conclusion that certain properly designed, food –friendly membranes would allow vapors or aromas to pass through the membranes freely while preventing the hot liquid from seeping or spilling.  This vapor passing through the membrane is crucial, as aromas are well- known to be critical to taste.  Lack of these aromas emanating from conventional cup lids causes the taste of coffee to dampen or otherwise change.

Pensak invented various beta lids, both for permanent go cups and for disposable ones, and did preliminary consumer tests and focus groups of coffee in cups with conventional lids versus the same coffee in cups with the membrane-technology lids.  Consumers, including Pensak’s family, much preferred the new lids because they provided more and better coffee tastes.

Accordingly, Pensak worked extensively with an intellectual properties expert and consequently filed for patent in January 2011 to cover the membrane lid technology for beverage containers and many other potential applications. The company was officially launched in March 2011 but quickly realized that the technology for controlling vapors had much wider utility than had been anticipated. This stimulated a complete redesign of the control membrane and its mountings so the exact same material could work for military and medical applications as well as the coffee and tea industries.

This triggered a restructuring of the sales and marketing part of the company to avoid having to wear too many hats simultaneously and to keep classified information completely separate from the commercial information. As of May 1, 2012 Pensak and Ajit George launched a company called "Smell the Coffee LLC" to take over all sales activity in the commercial sector. Military projects will still be handled through Vaporiety.

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